The increase in the area and good conditions of overwintering on the territory of Russia, Ukraine and the EU contribute to a high yield of wheat this year

2019-01-14 12:17:22
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The increase in the area and good conditions of overwintering on the territory of Russia, Ukraine and the EU contribute to a high yield of wheat this year

Winter 2018/19 year is characterized by heavy snowfall in black sea region. At the moment the whole territory of Ukraine is covered with snow. In the West and South of the country the snow depth is 5-10 cm in the East and North, and 20-40 cm Temperature remain relatively low, however, this weekend's projected warming up to 0 degrees, which will be accompanied by new snowfall. The acreage of winter wheat remained practically at level of last year.


Russia on the other hand increased the acreage of winter wheat by 4-5%.The territory of the Central and Volga regions of Russia covered with snow (20 to 60 cm). Around Rostov snow cover reaches 5-20 cm In Krasnodar Krai (South of Russia) is currently a little snow and the temperature remains positive or close to zero. In the coming days the temperature will continue to do so, although the region is projected snowfall. So this year the winter crops in the black sea region is very well protected from frost.


Farmers in the four largest countries-producers of wheat in the European Union has expanded the crops of wheat, because the dry weather prevented planting of rapeseed, according to analysts and traders.


"the problems with the sowing of canola mean that the EU will increase wheat harvest and export stocks this summer, if crops successfully survive the winter, and we will have normal weather until harvest," says a German trader.


According to the Ministry of agriculture, in the largest EU wheat producers, France, the crops of winter soft wheat harvest in 2019 increased by 3.5 percent compared to the previous year to 5.03 million hectares.


Favourable conditions increase the likelihood of a big crop of wheat in France this year. French wheat is mostly in good condition after the rain in the end of last year eased drought in the Northern regions, while the cold weather this month may also contribute to the development of crops.


In Germany, the second largest producer of crops of winter wheat increased by 4.6 percent to 3.02 million hectares, according to estimates by the statistical Agency.


"the Autumn was very dry for sowing of rapeseed, and some farmers turned to wheat," said the German grain analyst.


statistics estimates that the crops in Germany were reduced by 25% to 917 000 ha. Association of oilseeds Germany estimates a reduction of 18.1 percent.


the acreage of wheat in the UK will increase by 4 percent to 1.87 million hectares, the report said, Council for the development of agriculture and horticulture of the country.


British wheat is in good condition, dry weather does not cause serious concern, said the chief adviser to the National farmers Union Jack watts.


watts said that landing conditions were generally favorable. The reduction of canola may have contributed to the growth of wheat crops.


"Our biggest headache will be the implementation of the harvest of 2019," said watts, noting that the wheat harvest will be gathered in the aftermath of Breccia, and trade relations with the main consumers in the EU remain uncertain.


In Poland, the fourth-largest producer, the area under winter crops is likely to increase approximately 5 percent compared to the previous year, to more than 2 million hectares, while planted less spring grain, said Wojtek Sabeans of analysts Sparks Polska.

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