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DateContracting partyBid / offer typeCropAmount available (T)PriceTermBasisSimilar pairs
16.09.2021 16:36
LLC Leks Trade
10015300 UAHEXWLtd. Lex Trade0236784
16.09.2021 16:02
LLC peas-seeds
Wheat grade II
2007900 UAHFCAс.Сільце, Horokhiv District, Volyn Region.0234252
16.09.2021 15:31
Agro Bud Trade
3507100 UAHFCAСнятин, Sniatyn District, Ivano-Frankivsk Region.0236042
16.09.2021 15:31
Agro Bud Trade
5007100 UAHFCAЗаставна, Zastavna District, Chernivtsi Region.0236040
16.09.2021 15:30
Agro Bud Trade
5007000 UAHFCAСнятин, Hlyboka District, Chernivtsi Region.0236039

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Grain Trade Electronic Grain Exchange Website


Here you can find all bids / offers for sale of grain wherever from Ukraine and all pricing available by geographical regions, as well as take hold of option for easy purchase and/or sale of grain at best possible prices


Advantages of our web-site are as follows:


We are focused on trade of grain & oilseed crops only! Therefore, it shall be easy to find the information you need due to specially configured search filters and options.


All traders, producers, processing companies, grain terminals and forwarding merchants submit the information about their valid process and commercial terms.


You’ll be able to get to know actual average prices that have been set wherever in Ukraine, either broken down by Regions or at specific grain storage bin, thus providing for easier understanding of the market trends, as well as handing of purchasing or selling transactions at reasonable prices.



Traders will be able to enter their bids / offers for sale of grain at whatever terms, as well as and find and make use of:

o   Bids / offers for sale of grain crops;

o   Information on forwarding merchant services for road or railway haulage / transportation;  

o   Abundant Supplier & Vendor database;

o   Competitor pricing.



Producers will be able:

            o   to get to know actual average prices for grain and oilseed crops in Ukraine, as well as broken down by geographical regions;

            o   to submit (for free) grain and oilseed crop sales bids;

            o   to see similar bids broken down by procurement prices (with regard to each sales bid);

            o   to find a forwarding merchant for grain crop delivery to the grain storage bin or port.

All members are also allowed to post interesting news regarding the grain market.



Use our web-resource and save your time (no need to call), get a maximum price for grain (for Sellers) and maximum offers for sale (for Buyers)! 

In case of any difficulties in web-site usage, do not hesitate to contact us. We’ll help you for sure!


Enter your procurement or sales bid and it shall immediately become known not only to the users hereof, but of Google and Yandex as well.


Appreciate all comments and proposals to improve web-site operation. Please send them to:



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