About us

GrainTrade.com.ua has been created by us for the purpose of conditioning the transparent grain market in Ukraine. It is of great advantage for the producers who will thereby get the best selling prices for planted crops, while the buyers be given the maximum possible number of offers for sale of grain for the fair market prices being set online.


GrainTrade.com.ua is the electronic grain exchange bringing together all grain market players, i.e. producers, traders, forwarding merchants, grain storage bins and terminals, which procurement and selling prices are publicly divulged.     


You will be able to review bid & offer prices by regions and grain terminals, as well as submit your request for purchase or sale that will have immediately become available to all players of both Ukrainian and global market.   


You will be given the information about similar pairs, available options for counter-bidding/offering, as well as contract confirmation for each request submitted. As exchange of counter bids/offers is done behind closed doors, the final purchase & sale price and all information with respect to counterparties shall be not disclosed to the public.  


Website visiting is free of charge, however to support its operation the grain market players are suggested to become a Partner of our project through paying a fee granting access to the website database. Depending upon amount paid, you will be granted appropriate Ad space on the site, in particular in Partners section.      


Let build the transparent grain market of Ukraine together! 

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