Thanks to the high export demand for butter has risen significantly

2017-06-26 12:25:18
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Thanks to the high export demand for butter has risen significantly

In June, the oil market set a record price. Primarily due to higher world prices and a substantial increase in export volumes.


Analysts also point to the uncertainty of external trade of sour-milk products in early June, when there was a risk of closure of exports, which would lead to the reduction of production. Therefore, peasant oil cream stopped selling for less than 110 thousand UAH/t, and most sellers set the price not lower than 115 thousand UAH/t to Buy butter 82% fat for less than 130 thousand UAH is also almost impossible.


an Increase in domestic prices is also due to the high world price for oil. In some CIS countries the peasant oil contractuels level 3500-3700 $/t For butter with fat content 82% of buyers are willing to pay 4000 $/t, and the producers are trying to raise the price to 4400 $/t, but now at this price it can be implemented only in the CIS. Experts believe that given world prices, the fair price of domestic butter needs to be between 4700-5000 $/t


Growth in demand contributes to increase the volume of exports. In may 2017 Ukraine exported 2.8 thousand tons of butter oil, which is three times the volume of exports in may 2016.


it is Expected that in June the export of oil will increase, making domestic prices also will rise.