The law on the sale of land in Ukraine will host the next Parliament

2019-02-19 13:22:32
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The law on the sale of land in Ukraine will host the next Parliament

In 2019, the Parliament will not be able to vote on the law on circulation of agricultural land in Ukraine, because there are not enough votes, - said the Prime Minister. Groysman.


According to him, "Ukraine's international partners, particularly the IMF, are sensitive to this issue and not require the opening of a land market in the near future."


the Prime Minister also said that politicians do not want to conduct a qualitative reform of the land sector and to take responsibility, capitalizing on the fears of people.


the Prime Minister believes that the process of introduction of land market in Ukraine should be agreed with the society and to evolve.


"I am a supporter of the development of the land market, with clearly defined conditions. The volume of possession of the plots shall be limited to 200 hectares per person and an additional 200 hectares for farming. Owners can only be citizens of Ukraine. To buy land by farmers, not holdings. And the priority will be the creation of small and medium farms, which for the purchase of land will provide cheap loans, we are also working with international partners. This will create an open and fair land market and uniemozliwic receipt of large areas by several players," - said Groisman.