Difficult situation with VAT refund to grain exporters

2016-08-18 13:34:41
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Difficult situation with VAT refund to grain exporters

Ukrainian grain Association has reported the arrest of 30% of the declared grain traders VAT


the Chairman of the Association Vladimir Klimenko told about debt on 2 August 2016, almost 10 billion hryvnia from the exporters of the VAT amount. Not only the huge amount of debt and the overall situation with the procedure for reimbursement of VAT, is of great concern, stressed in his speech, Mr. Klimenko.


his words showed a strange feeling of double standards to the traders, who build elevators in different Ukrainian ports. For traders in Nikolaev and Ilyichevsk can exist absolute different terms of compensation. Such an approach cannot but cause concern, because this reduces the volume of purchases, which negatively affects prices. The existence of two registries, most are designed not for convenience, and for greater misunderstanding in the order of who and what gets."


At a briefing the Chairman of the State fiscal service Roman Nasirov has reported that the VAT refund in the normal mode.

According to him, 14 billion hryvnia returned for the export of agricultural products during the first 7 months of 2016. Thus, the average monthly amount of VAT refund is about 2 billion hryvnia. Scheduled tax audits completed, and the compensation occurs as planned.