The quality of the wheat in Germany and the UK are quite high

2016-08-23 12:57:01
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The quality of the wheat in Germany and the UK are quite high

According to Reuters, the prospects of wheat production in Germany and the UK improved slightly. It is noted that grain quality does not cause concern among experts, although the figures of gross collection has been reduced significantly.


in Particular, in Germany, where it has already collected 60-70% of the wheat grain qualities vary depending on the growing region, and are generally on a good level. Recall that the latest report by the Association of German cooperatives estimated gross harvest of wheat in the current season in 24.21 million tons, which is 8.8% less than was collected last year.


In the UK wheat collected at 40% of the planned areas, the average yield is 79 t/ha, which corresponds to the annual average. British traders believe in the current season farmers harvested 14.5 million tons of wheat is pretty good quality, whereas last year's harvest amounted to 16.43 million ton.


the Harvest of wheat in Poland is currently estimated at 10,4-10,5 million tons, which is also inferior to last year's figure of 11.9 million. The quality of the grain that has already been collected, is generally satisfactory. However, late variety of wheat will have lower quality because they are affected due to excessive rainfall.