As the rainy season affects the quality of Ukrainian wheat?

2016-06-15 15:51:31
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As the rainy season affects the quality of Ukrainian wheat?

Forecasters say may with the same rainfall in the Ukraine has not been seen for about 20 years. In most regions, where they grow grains and oilseeds, may precipitation ranged from 133 (as in Odessa) to 296 (both in Kharkiv) % of normal. Even in the South of the country, which is generally considered a zone of risky agriculture, rainfall during may exceeded the average rate of 66 %. Look at how it will affect the main crops.


For barley in the period of grain filling spring rainfall impact is extremely beneficial, because they allow to achieve higher yields. It is expected that this year yields will reach a record last year. The greatest concern for the condition of winter crops cause Poltava and Dnipropetrovsk region, however there crop condition improved due to their diet. However, you need to pay attention to the fact that the harvesting campaign will start a little later than usual.


also, precipitation may have affected the condition of wheat, increases the likelihood of getting extraordinary productivity. Despite the lack of moisture in the fall during planting season, excellent conditions for winter and spring with ample rainfall allow to hope for a good future harvest, which will be obtained thanks to the high performance grain in almost all regions of the country. There are risks to lodging of crops, which could worsen the process of harvesting and increase losses, but still a concern.


as a Result of the rainy season you can expect an increase in the share of feed wheat in the total volume of harvested grain. In General, over the past five years, with increased yields of wheat there is a trend of reducing the number vysokopatogennogo grain.