The government is working intensively on land reform

2019-09-26 12:02:45
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The government is working intensively on land reform

the Cabinet sent to the Verkhovna Rada a bill number 2178 from 25.09.19 "On amendments to certain legislative acts of Ukraine concerning the turnover of agricultural lands", which provides for the abolition of the moratorium on sale of agricultural land of all forms of ownership since October 1, 2020


Buy the right of ownership to land plots of agricultural purpose can citizens and legal entities of Ukraine, territorial communities, the state, foreign citizens and stateless persons, in case of receiving inheritance and the obligation to sell land during the year.


the Document sets a limit on the total area of agricultural land owned by the citizen and legal entity and related entities in the amount of not more than 15% of land within the region and 0.5% in Ukraine.


Deputy Minister of economy, trade and agriculture, T. Wysocki, who is engaged in agrarian policy, reported that Derzeitiger will be deprived of the right to dispose of the land, and after the decentralization reform will be appointed the new leadership of that Agency.


"the land before 1 October should be made to the bill on the transfer of land to communities. This is a priority for the adoption documents. Now released, the heads of Central office and selected regional units Derzeitiger. We form the list of competencies to guide the Department, and will continue so to look for people. The head of Derzeitiger will determine in an open competition with the involvement of personnel departments of all ministries and public results", - said T. Vysotsky.