Domestic exporters may lose the grain market of China

2016-07-15 14:20:46
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Domestic exporters may lose the grain market of China

while exports to world markets, domestic exporters need to adhere strictly to the rules of transactions. First of all we are talking about the requirements for phytosanitary inspection of China on the exports of grain crops in this country.


in the course of the work group on functioning of the grain market said market participants head of the state service for issues of food safety and consumer protection of Ukraine. Paw.


He noted that "today Ukraine is one of the leaders in the export of grain, and in order to keep these positions in the future, it should unswervingly adhere to the commitments assumed before the international partners.


the Export of grain crops is carried out in accordance with the provisions of some international instruments. Besides, each country reglamentary phytosanitary requirements for the products that are imported. In case of discrepancy of grain supplied to these requirements, the importing country sends notifcation reports of violations of phytosanitary requirements.


According to Paws, recently, the Chinese national organization for the protection of plants of Ukraine sent a note regarding inconsistency of quality corn of Ukrainian origin, existing phytosanitary requirements of China.


China is an extremely important partner for Ukraine, therefore, exporters must be aware of the phytosanitary requirements. Besides, traders need to develop mechanisms that will allow in the future to avoid similar incidents to preserve the demand for domestic grain. The government, for its part, should monitor the quality of the products should be exported to third countries, while growing, moving within the country and export.