The Verkhovna Rada has introduced a single registry for the reimbursement of export VAT

2016-12-22 12:47:23
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The Verkhovna Rada has introduced a single registry for the reimbursement of export VAT

MPs 21 Dec adopted bill No. 5368, providing for the introduction of a unified register of applications for refund of export VAT.


the Treasury will be paid solely on the basis of information from the Unified public register, without waiting for the conclusions of the DFS. From July next year, the registration of tax invoices in the registry would be a sufficient basis for the formation of the tax credit and will not require additional documents to confirm.


in addition, by law, farmers are exempt from fines for the 2016 error in the allocation of tax credit card within spectacularity.


Adopted by the Verkhovna Rada on 20 December, the law on amendments to the drafting and implementation of budgets establishes that during the 2017-2021 years to support the agricultural sector will be allocated at least 1% of GDP of the industry. Of this amount, for the purchase of domestic equipment will be used in 2017, 10% in 2018 – 15%, for 2019-2021 – 20%. Subsidies to farmers will be paid automatically on the basis of tax reporting is proportionate to the cost of goods sold. However, in the all-Ukrainian agrarian happy fear that the planned funds generally may not be allocated.


Certain innovations introduced by the new law on balancing the budget revenues in 2017.


single tax Rate 4-th groups will increase by 17%, for arable land will mean growth rate from 0.81% to 0.95% of the normative monetary evaluation of land. In determining the base tax single tax for the 4th group consumer price index 2015 = 100% and the minimum land tax rate is 0.3%.


removes the requirement for state registration of lease agreements to obtain the right to pay the single tax of the 4th group, changing the rules of calculation and payment of tax by businesses that are growing products in greenhouses.