In Ukrainian ports continues to become cheaper grain transshipment

2017-04-27 12:06:29
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In Ukrainian ports continues to become cheaper grain transshipment

Today in the Ukrainian ports has developed a surplus capacity for transshipment of grain, which allows to further reduce rates for exporters. However, companies that operate grain terminals, there remains a sufficient margin.


last year was put into operation three large terminals: COFCO in Nikolaev with a capacity of 2.5 million tons, Bunge and the black sea with a capacity of 1 million tons and Risoil capacity of 2.2 million tons, significantly ahead of the pace of grain exports. In addition, traders and exporters emerged the choice of terminal for transshipment.


After the introduction of new capacity rates on average decreased by 3-5 $/t depending on the location of the terminals. However, this decline was only the beginning. Analysts believe that it will soon begin the second phase of tariff reduction, for which the handling will drop by another 1-2 $/t


Today, the stakes for handling on average 12 $/t, whereas 5-10 years ago they were at the level of 18-22 $/t


the Cost of grain transshipment in Russian ports for the last few years has fallen from 27-28 $/t to 16-17 $/tons, - said the head of the Institute of conjuncture of agricultural market Dmitry Rylko. In his opinion, the reduction in logistics costs would increase the purchasing prices for grain in the new season.