In Ukraine formed a coalition for the abolition of the moratorium on land sales

2018-06-25 12:01:55
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In Ukraine formed a coalition for the abolition of the moratorium on land sales

Supporters of lifting the moratorium on land sales in Ukraine from different fields United in the civil coalition stands lifting the moratorium.


the Main goal of agricultural producers, human rights activists, economists and bankers, journalists and politicians who joined the society, there is the lifting of the current moratorium from January 1, 2019.


In the Memorandum which was signed by representatives of over 20 organizations listed 14 reasons through which it is necessary to immediately lift the moratorium, and identified 8 main principles, which must work the market of agricultural land.


in particular, the right of acquisition of agricultural land in the first stage should get only Ukrainian citizens and organizations. For small and medium-sized manufacturers should be established with equal conditions of access to Bank loans. It should work the Agency for credit guarantees and a supportive environment for the involvement of external guarantees of the conditions.


the Maximum amount of land owned by one person (natural or legal) is limited to the possible relationship of ownership and control. There should be a minimum sale price.


it is Necessary to prescribe the rights of tenants in case of transfer of land to the new owner. Banks must create special conditions for the use of land as collateral.


the Memorandum calls on the authorities to publicly declare their relationship to the moratorium. So, the President is requested to Express a position on the impact of the moratorium on the economy and welfare of citizens; Prime Minister to propose to Parliament a draft law on the land market; MPs and Commissioner of the Verkhovna Rada for the protection of human rights was to send a submission to the constitutional court about recognition of the moratorium that violates the constitutional rights of citizens and to the beginning of the campaign to pass the law on turnover of lands.


the Memorandum may sign any organizations and MPs.

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