In Ukraine 30% more expensive sir

2018-01-10 12:21:20
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In Ukraine 30% more expensive sir

At the end of 2017, the plant protection products in Ukraine rose by at least 30%. Experts believe that this trend will continue in 2018.


the Main factor of growth was the stop at the Chinese factories that produced uruchimai. To protect the ecology of their closed or transferred to work at half power, which caused a worldwide shortage of pesticides.


domestic enterprises that worked with the Chinese, there were problems with procurement of drugs, so plant protection products on the domestic market of Ukraine rose sharply.


the most expensive insecticides. During the year in China Imidacloprid added to the price of 92%, acetamiprid 113%, chlorpro almost 63%.


the Average price of glyphosate in China for the year increased by 40.9% and continues to grow as more expensive glycine, which is a raw material for the production of the drug.


due to the cost of raw materials for the year metribuzin and deltamethrin increased in price by 69% tebuconazole – 54%, tram – 41.6%.


Some of the existing substances that are manufactured in China for the year have increased in price more than 30%. So, brentin has risen 37.9%, acetochlor – 17.5%, clethodim – 16.6%, nicosulfuron – 19%, solopol-p – 19.5%, beta-cypermethrin 23%.


Stop factories producing the active ingredients, had a greater impact on prices than the failures of the companies that manufacture formula. Plants for the production of pesticides experiencing strong demand for raw materials. Chinese enterprises are not able to meet him, so give preference to customers who have signed agreements since the summer and fully paid for them. All the rest are in the queue, even those companies that operate in the PRC market, - says the head of the company "Agrokhimik" G. Morozova.


Experts warn that this situation may lead to an increase in revenues in Ukraine of substandard products.