In Ukraine, the land lease agreements can now be registered online

2017-12-07 12:06:50
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In Ukraine, the land lease agreements can now be registered online

the Ministry of justice of Ukraine in cooperation with the agriculture Ministry and the state Agency for e-governance has introduced a service of online registration of leases of agricultural land that will in a few minutes apply for registration of the contract, avoiding queues and visits to officials.


Now it is enough to download an electronic agreement to lease land and to assure her digital signature. Simultaneously, the presence of land will be checked in the database to Derzeitiger.


In the state register of rights to immovable property are annually recorded more than 10 million applications, of which 20% relate to land issues. However, after the implementation of the requirements of the "anti-raiding" of the law, the demand for this service significantly prevails over the number of registrations.


the System of electronic interaction of the state register that has the name "trembita", allows you to quickly solve a long-standing problem and prevent raider attacks and corruption.


At the time of registration of application for registration section code will be checked Derzeitiger. In the absence of data on the site or bugs in the code, the application will not be accepted, which will reduce the number of failures associated with wrongly filed data, and reduce the time of registration of contracts.


Soon the system will add 20 major state register, which will allow to digitize more than 98% of administrative services and services.


the Ministry of justice promised that the new system will avoid the risk of fraud and facilitate the interaction of citizens and businesses with government.


currently available on the portal "Online house of justice".


Recall, that as 01.07.17 in Ukraine was 50553 leases land plots with a total area of 1.4 million hectares, which were concluded without a tender. In addition, there are 4.7 million of leases of land shares with total area of 16.6 million hectares.