In March, the FAO food price index decreased

2017-04-07 12:10:12
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In March, the FAO food price index decreased

once in February, world food prices reached a two-year high in March amid expectations of a good harvest of grain, they began to fall, reports the food and agriculture organization of the United Nations.


food Prices five years falling due to oversupply, slowdown of the world economy and a powerful U.S. dollar, but in the last two months, the index of prices rose to the level of 175.5 points in February, which was a record figure in 2015.


the price Index, which shows the monthly change in the prices of food basket (which includes oil, meat and dairy, grain product, sugar), fell in March relative to February of 2.8% and totaled 171 points.


the main products are cheaper on the background of abundant sentences, and only meat prices rose 0.7% due to the high demand for beef and pork in Asia.


experts of the FAO expects that in 2017, the production of cereals will be lower for a record amount of 2016, and will reach 2,597 billion tonnes, mainly by reducing wheat production by 2.7%. The yields of wheat will decrease in Canada, USA and Australia due to the reduction in acreage.


it is Expected that the consumption of cereals in 2017 will grow by 0.8% to 2,597 billion tons, but the use of grains for biofuels and animal feed will slow down.