The soybean crop in Ukraine is at the level of 2015

2016-08-16 14:20:59
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The soybean crop in Ukraine is at the level of 2015

Based on data from the state statistics Committee, experts of the Association "Danube soya" predict that the total production of soybean until the end of 2016, will remain at the level of 3.9 million tons and will not exceed last year's 3.92 million tons.


"In 2016 in Ukraine decreased the amount of acreage, which now totals about 2 million hectares. the Reason for this was not only a decline in exports of soybeans. Played a significant role and concerns of farmers regarding the unstable weather conditions", ― commented on current events Inna Ilyenko, Director of the "Danube soya" in Ukraine. "The average yield in Ukraine is about 2.1 tons/Ha, which is 10% lower than in Western Europe. Compared to Germany, Italy and Canada, Ukraine does not get 40 percent.


"the Ukrainian agricultural sector could achieve the yield at 3 t/ha. But to achieve such results you will need to develop more efficient cultivation technology to increase quality indicators, and to develop new industrial and domestic purposes," ― says Volodymyr Stepanchuk, Deputy Corporation "Svarog West group".


it is Worth noting that the rate of growth of the Ukrainian soybean remains one of the highest among the oilseeds.


the Price of soybeans of the new crop at the level 370-375$, with delivery to the port, much cheaper compared to the price last year. And this may be an additional incentive to increase acreage under soybean in 2017.