Ukrzaliznytsia developing measures that will improve conditions of cooperation with clients

2020-09-07 12:06:09
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Ukrzaliznytsia developing measures that will improve conditions of cooperation with clients

With the purpose of recovering lost revenues from shipments of grain, the new leadership of the Ukrainian Railways plans to cancel additional fees when working with malodarom stations, and to reduce the cost of empty return of wagons and the use of grain BONDS, which have virtually abandoned clients after building their own rolling stock.


at present the specialists of the company analyze opportunities that will provide clients with Ukrzaliznytsia the most favorable conditions of cooperation.


Recall that on September 3 was halted action list modeately stations, which consequently negate the extra fees for the filing and collection of cars with such stations. According to the new edition of the agreement on provision of services on the organization of rail transportation, UZ reduces the fee for the use of napavine from 902 to 800 UAH/day (without VAT) and grain – from 1136 to 800 UAH/day.


the Rate for the use of the grain will change in three stages:


with 06.10.2020 – 900 UAH/day;

with 05.11.2020 – 1000 UAH/day.

  • with 05.09.2020 – 800 UAH/day;

whereas for other types of cars, rates will remain unchanged.


the Ukrainian grain Association is in favour of unification of tariffs empty run of wagons in the first stage (And grade +52%, class II 0% class III -38%), which will allow you to compile the cost of empty mileage for all goods. Now the fares between the transport of goods of different classes may vary 2.72 times, and rates on return of empty cars – 2.5 times.


While at UGA are strongly against the planned second stage increase in the cost of empty mileage that the unification of tariffs will rise by 41% and will result in additional costs to farmers in the amount of 0.7 $ per tonne of grain that will be 650-700 million per year. UGA appealed to the Ministry of Infrastructure, Ministry of economy and Railways with a request shaswati the second phase of changes in the draft order "On amendments in ...of tariffs for rail transportation in Ukraine".


the agricultural sector provides 40% of foreign exchange earnings and 13% of Ukraine's GDP. It is strongly dependent on the effective work of Railways, with 65% destined for export grain is transported to ports by rail.


For the ULTRASONIC transport of grain is a profitable activity, which is 10% of the total volume of traffic and provides 20% of the profits from freight transportation. However, each year the Council is faced with problems of shortage of locomotives, delays in transportation, sudden changes in tariffs, non-transparent allocation of infrastructure and other conditions that hamper the development of the grain industry.


Due to the deterioration of the spread situation Covid-19 uz indefinitely cancels weekly meetings with shippers of grain, - reported in CTL BONDS.

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