The strengthening of the hryvnia stopped

2018-02-14 12:08:52
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The strengthening of the hryvnia stopped

on Monday and Tuesday, the national currency continued to strengthen on the foreign exchange market on the interbank and cash. The national Bank came out in interbank trading to redeem excess currency moderating the sharp fall in the dollar.


Yesterday, during the interbank the dollar fell by 10 kopecks in the purchase and 10 cents on sale, but experts say the stabilization of the rate and a decrease in foreign exchange earnings. It was 622 agreement in the amount of $371,1 million at weighted average rate 26,6995.

the Main reason for the sharp strengthening of the hryvnia was a place withpeculative capital of non-residents for the purchase of government bonds, and then the establishment of a large number of foreign exchange earnings by exporters, which was holding her while the growth rate ndices to receive extra profits, and then when the national currency began to strengthen quickly began to sell trying to get at least the scheduled course of the sale.


Importing successfully took advantage of the situation and were in no hurry to start buying waiting for market bottom. Yesterday it was felt that the customers started to actively buy the currency with the understanding that further depreciation will be gone.