The strengthening of the hryvnia on the interbank market continues

2017-08-09 12:28:02
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The strengthening of the hryvnia on the interbank market continues

on Tuesday, the dollar continued to fall on the interbank market and lost another 6 cents - with a morning of 25.76 declarative/25,78 UAH/$, it went down to 25,705/25,725 at the end of the session. Actively offer exceeded demand since the start of trading that allows shoppers for the second day in a row to completely dictate terms.


Need to sell 50% of revenue forced the exporters to be very flexible on the course. This was immediately used as direct buyers, and speculators, who frankly played "at the bottom". NBU officially on the market with the auction never happened, and the fall continued. The scenario of today's trading, partly reminded me of the situation Monday - a dollar in the first part of trading actively became cheaper, but the afternoon actually stopped in the narrow corridor to the end of the session.


trading Volume has decreased a bit today - was 454 deals worth $ 261,76 million


Factors that affect torque:

  • 1) as harvest activity has sharply increased exporters connected with necessity of conducting of current business activity. This was the reason for the increase of foreign currency supply on the market amid small activity of buyers.
  • 2) Apparently - subsidiaries of foreign companies have already decided the issue of withdrawal of dividends in amounts that were agreed with the national Bank for August, so their purchase has no effect on the demand for currency. Amid a decrease by almost 800 million hryvnia balances on correspondent accounts of banks (to 45.3 billion on Tuesday morning) - it works for the benefit of local currency. Naftogaz has purchased a sufficient supply of gas for the new winter season, so the number of large buyers of currency on the interbank market are limited.