Ukrainian market of mineral fertilizers stabiliziruemost

2017-06-19 12:08:43
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Ukrainian market of mineral fertilizers stabiliziruemost

a three-month stop work of the enterprises of OSTCHEM group and the introduction of anti-dumping duties on Russian nitrogen fertilizers has led to a rapid increase in the price of fertilizers. Recently the traders ' award for ammonium nitrate reached 130%.


Enhanced the excitement of the indebtedness of OSTCHEM enterprises of the farmers, who have pre-paid for products, but had no certainty over delivery times.


the Press service of the company informs that on June 25-26, will resume production of mineral fertilizers at the plant in Rivne. However, the problem of the enterprise is the high price of gas, demand for which is 2 billion cubic meters per year. Cherkassy "Nitrogen" till June 20, will 100% of the capacity of the plant for production of urea, ammonium nitrate and urea-ammonium nitrate. It is noted that the introduction of duties on Russian fertilizers contributed to the reopening of factories.


According to the estimates of Ministry of agrarian policy, to carry out autumn field works should be about 650 thousand tons of mineral fertilizers. To provide agricultural producers with mineral fertilizers will allow the introduction of zero tariffs on import to Ukraine of fertilizers of nitrogen group (except products from Russia). This will protect farmers from seasonal price fluctuations and significantly reduce the cost of fertilizers.