Ukrainian farmers have been deprived of benefits on VAT payment in 2017

2016-09-30 13:59:57
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Ukrainian farmers have been deprived of benefits on VAT payment in 2017

This became known from the message on the website of the Cabinet. From the first of January next year, the Finance Ministry terminated the special regime of VAT refunds.


the same report said that from now on there will be a single public register, which will be recorded statements from the farmers for refund of VAT amounts.


it is Worth noting that in the current year agrarians managed to achieve transition and to accumulate
from 20 to 80% tax on personal accounts. However, the new draft budget does not speak about it.


Denis Marchuk, Deputy Chairman of the party of Ukrainian agrarians, said that the government did not keep promises. It was almost five and a half billion UAH of direct state support on the development and the draft budget incorporated a total of three and a half billion. Of these, 2,973 billion in total financial support of 300 million UAH to reduce credit liabilities, UAH 210 million to support livestock production and 75 million UAH for the support and development of horticulture, hop growing and viticulture.


Denys Marchuk noted that these amounts will obviously not enough. State support for the sector equal to 5% of direct losses for farmers. They have no other choice and 4 October, the farmers will come with their demands for a national strike.