Ukraine for 8 years, almost replaced the US corn market of China

2019-08-23 12:05:20
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Ukraine for 8 years, almost replaced the US corn market of China

against the background of a trade war the US and China and with the approach of the next elections of the President of the United States, escalates the issue of the loss of the China market for American farmers, who actively supported Trama in previous elections.

Policy trump criticized Congressman from Illinois, Robin Kelly.


"Most of the maize came to China from Illinois, before a disastrous trade war trump killed our market access," wrote Kelly in Facebook.

the U.S. Government provided assistance to farmers at the level of 16 billion dollars, which covers the losses from export restrictions to China, but farmers are incurring huge losses because product prices continue to remain low, due to the reduction of markets, especially for soybeans and corn.


After the outbreak of a trade war US-China Ukrainian producers began to replace the Americans on the Chinese corn market. On Thursday, August 22, announced the publication of Successful Farming.


previously, the USA was the main supplier of corn to China. In 2011-2012 they have supplied five million tonnes of maize, almost 100% of Chinese imports. But in the beginning of a trade war waged by the US President Donald trump, American exports fell to 0.3 million tons or less than 10% of Chinese imports. At the same time, China began to shift to other suppliers of maize, mainly to Ukraine.


thus, the volume of supply of Ukrainian corn to China is expected to reach four million tonnes - 80% of the Chinese import.


it is Noted that the expected good harvest in Ukraine does not compensate for the sharp fall in US production in 2019-2020. But in the long term a threat that Ukraine will become a major exporter of corn continues to rise.


maize Production in Ukraine for 20 years has increased from 10,0 million tons to 35.8 million tons in 2018, and forecast of production in 2019 is 35-36 million tons.


At the same time, domestic consumption of corn in Ukraine remains at the same level of 6 million to 7 million tonnes since the livestock industry is growing very slowly, while processing for ethanol has failed to launch.

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