Ukraine to increase trade with the EU

2019-05-16 12:03:28
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Ukraine to increase trade with the EU

In the 1st quarter of 2019, the turnover of trade in agricultural products between Ukraine and the EU countries increased by 20% to 2.6 $ billion, and trade surplus amounted to more than $ 1.1 billion, reported the press service of NSC "Institute of agrarian policy".


During this period imports of goods increased in comparison with the 1st quarter of 2018 by 10% to 735 million $ and exports by 24% to 1.9 billion dollars.


Europe's Largest buyers of Ukrainian agrotourism are the Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Italy, France and Poland, the total share of which in the circulation of agricultural products compared to 2018 grew by 24.4% and now is 70%.


Main agroproducts, which Ukraine exports to the EU are cereals (primarily maize), oilseeds (soybeans and canola), sunflower oil, and waste processing industry. This imports from the EU corn and sunflower seeds for sowing, chocolate, tobacco and alcoholic beverages, other food products.


For the three months of the current year Ukrainian exporters fully used the tax-free quota for the supply of honey, grape and Apple juice, sugar, basic and additional quotas for corn and quarterly quota on imports of poultry meat.


If Ukraine will continue the current pace of exports, by the end of the year will be able once again to update the record of sales of agricultural products to EU countries.