The current condition of winter crops is better than last year

2016-12-20 12:12:31
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The current condition of winter crops is better than last year

the First decade of December was marked by significant temperature fluctuations from 1-6 degrees below normal to 1 to 8 degrees above it.


In the middle of the second week saw a sharp increase in average daily temperature from 4 to 9 degrees, which was accompanied by precipitation as rain. They destroyed the snow layer in almost all regions of the country, although December 8, the majority of the territory (except for the extreme southern areas) was covered with snow.


Now the winter grain crops are in various condition, which varies depending on regions and even within them. This is due to the condition of the soil and previous crop, sowing date, rainfall as well as their timeliness and other factors.


At the end of the growing season their condition is significantly worse than in recent years of observations. Green weight of sprouts of barley and wheat in 1,3-1,9 times less than serednyakova. However in nodes of tillering is a large amount of sugars, especially where sowing was optimal. This will allow the plants winter crops good to have winter conditions.


in General, the condition of the plants of winter crops in Ukraine better than in the previous season.

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