Grain prices will remain from the effects of weather factors

2019-06-24 12:11:32
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Grain prices will remain from the effects of weather factors

the focus of traders confined to the Midwestern United States, where last week a powerful precipitation is not allowed to intensify sowing of soybeans and corn, and probably led to the completion of the sowing campaign. Temperatures slightly below normal slow down development of plants. In the corn belt of the United States in the next 6-10 days will be dominated by warm and dry weather, which will contribute to the development of crops.


Today, the market will receive data on sowing areas in the United States and the state of the crops.


In the Northern Plains precipitation and low temperatures contribute to the development of crops of spring wheat and corn, though the pace of development inferior to the average. The rains may not be able to complete sowing of soybean, and more dry weather will be established only after 6-10 days.


On the Southern Plains rains have delayed harvesting of winter wheat, whose pace and so inferior to the average. Warm and dry weather next week will accelerate the harvest.


the Rains, which fell at the weekend in the Canadian prairies and will last for a week, will reduce the stress the crops from the drought that prevailed during the month and have slowed the development of plants, which has caused concern about the fate of the harvest of canola and wheat.


In Ukraine, the EU and Russia in the beginning of next week will remain hot and dry weather with temperatures above 33 to 38o, which will negatively affect filling winter wheat and development of spring wheat and barley, maize. After 6-10 days the heat will subside, but rain is not expected.


In Australia this week will dominate dry weather, but in areas of Western Australia can undergo precipitation.


India is also suffering from the heat. The monsoon season here is delayed by almost 2 weeks. A few showers passed to the South of the country. In the center and the North is dry, but next week, there will be precipitation.


In Brazil, the dry and warm weather contributes to the cleaning of corn safrinha.

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