Prices for rapeseed are restored after the fall

2016-09-02 12:22:41
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Prices for rapeseed are restored after the fall

After a short decrease in the price of canola, thanks to the support of the canola market, they have again started to grow. Concerns limit Chinese imports did not materialize. The governments of China and Canada agreed to postpone the introduction of tougher quality standards. Importers have agreed to receive deliveries of canola with an impurity content of 2.5%.


we will Remind that earlier the Ministry of agriculture of PRC planned from 1 September to toughen the requirements to the content of impurities in canal, which comes into the country from Canada, and to limit increased 1%. In specialized Ministry, China's strengthening import control explain the need to protect the country from possible quarantine objects.


the Price of canola on the French stock exchange rose to 373,5 € /t or 418,32 $/ton. The decrease in forecast rapeseed production in the EU continues to support the price at a high level compared to soybean and sunflower.

In Ukraine, the price of rapeseed delivered to the port followed the European price and in recent days increased by 4 $ 404 $/ton.

The collapse of the hryvnia on the interbank market from 25.5 to 26.5 UAH per dollar offset the fall in foreign currency prices for rapeseed, so hryvnia prices of rapeseed in elevators remained at the level of 11500-11600 UAH/tone.