Prices for rapeseed of the new harvest will be formed in may

2017-05-11 12:21:44
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Prices for rapeseed of the new harvest will be formed in may

Usually in may after the results of sowing campaign in Europe, Canada and Australia are determined by the prices for rapeseed of the new harvest.


the Majority regions for the cultivation of rapeseed in France, Britain and West Germany are suffering from lack of moisture, amount of precipitation does not exceed 40% of normal. Until recently, it essentially did not effect on the potential yield of the oilseed. However, another cold in the second half of April with frost in the North-East of France up to 8 degrees has led to problems with flowering and formation of pods.


Experts once more lowered the forecast of rapeseed production in Germany, France and England, that prices for August shipments to the EU rose to 372,25 Euro/ton or 404,6 $/t


There are certain problems in the market canola. The drought, which continues for more than a month can lead to a delay in the start of sowing campaign In Australia. Because of snow in Canada delayed the collection of canola, which did not collect in the fall, and the beginning of a new planting season.


High rates of processing and export of canadian canola will reduce ending stocks to 1.54 million tons, which will be the lowest indicator for the last 4 years.


the Increase in acreage under Canalou in Canada over the previous year by 10% to 9.1 million ha will lead to a record harvest of oilseed in 2017. However, the balance of the rapeseed remains tense due to the high demand from importers and low ending stocks.


Extreme weather will affect the harvest of rapeseed in Ukraine. In April in some regions was a drought, others have experienced heavy snowfall and freezing. Minagroprom assesses harvested under winter rapeseeds at 827 thousand ha, whereas experts evaluate their ODA to 765 thousand hectares and the average yield is 2.3 t/ha. According to the forecast, the harvest of winter and spring rape in the new season will be 1.8 million tons, while in 2016/17 MG it amounted to 1.2 ml so


the Forward prices for rapeseed of the new harvest in the past two weeks increased by 5-10 $/m and now make up 385-380 $/t for deliveries to the port in July-August. At the beginning of the 2016/17 season the price of rape was 410-420 $/MT, but later fell to 390 $/t 

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