Meat prices in Ukraine continue to grow

2018-02-01 12:28:33
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Meat prices in Ukraine continue to grow

Experts NSC "Institute of agroekonomika" I believe that in the 2018 year, Ukraine will continue to increase the price of meat.


the Main factor for this will be planned by the government for the 2nd quarter of this year increasing the minimum wage to RS 4200.


in addition, prices will be affected by the reduction in the number of pigs and cattle due to the outbreak of ASF and feed costs, increase in utilities, fuel prices, veterinary products, seasonal intensification of the demand for meat and increase its exports, devaluation of the national currency.


For 2017, the average retail price of meat rose by 37.6%. Most significantly, more expensive beef without bones, the price of which in December 2017, has reached 117,77 UAH/kg against UAH 85,02/kg in December 2016


the Price of pork with bone (tibia) for the period increased from 67.26 to 93 UAH/kg, pork meat without bones went up from 77.64 to 113.46 UAH/kg for the whole year the price of pork increased by 38.3-46%.


Less increased the price of poultry meat. For the year it rose by 30.4% from 41.34 to 53,91 UAH/kg.


Recall that by the end of 2017, Ukraine increased the export of fresh and frozen meat in comparison with the previous year by 19.38% 35,09 to 41,87 thousand tons

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