The price of soy and corn are now dependent on the weather in South America

2017-11-24 12:17:46
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The price of soy and corn are now dependent on the weather in South America

Dry weather in the US will allow in the coming days to complete the cleaning of corn and soybeans. As 19.11.17 corn in the U.S. collected from 90% of planned harvest areas, and soya – with 96% of the area.


making Sure a good harvest of U.S. soybeans and corn traders are focused on weather conditions in South America, where now there is a sowing campaign.


In the Central and Northern regions of Brazil, have suffered from lack of moisture in October, there have been good rains, which will contribute to the development of soybeans and corn.


In Argentina, the sowing of these crops is delayed due to dry weather conditions.


According to the Trading exchange Rosario, during the last weeks in Argentina soybean was planted 4.6 million acres, which was the highest figure this year. For the implementation of the plan the sowing season, Argentine farmers can sow soy another 1.8 million acres, or 728 thousand hectares. moreover, in the next week meteorologists promise rains all over the country, which will have a positive impact on crops.


But concerns about the condition of crops among traders is because there is information that in the Pacific ocean formed the phenomenon of La Nina, which can in December and January to cause drought in the Argentine regions of soybean production.