Drivers ' strike could lead to economic and political crisis in Brazil

2018-05-30 12:05:49
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Drivers ' strike could lead to economic and political crisis in Brazil

the truck Drivers who are on strike in Brazil for 9 days, until the economic requirements for salary increases and avoid price hike of diesel fuel added and a political demand for the resignation of the President.


Now blocked, major ports, Railways and roads, making it impossible to forage supplies, resulting in some farms began dying pigs and poultry.


last week reached a preliminary agreement to suspend the strike, but now the situation has escalated, and with its own political demands, the strike was supported by unions from other industries.


In response to the requirements of drivers the government has frozen the prices of diesel fuel and increased quotas for the production of biodiesel, but the new strikers and their demands complicate the negotiation process.


Instability in a country that is a major world supplier of soy and corn, may soon lead to higher prices for soybeans. The devaluation of the Brazilian real against the dollar since the beginning of year by 15% and a trade war between the US and China led to the intensification of the export of Brazilian soybeans in 2018. However, the demand for it can significantly be reduced through the port strikes and the disruption of export supplies.