The condition of winter crops in the major exporting countries continues to improve

2020-02-26 12:02:50
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The condition of winter crops in the major exporting countries continues to improve

Warm winter made it possible to avoid losses of winter crops, but concern is the low level of soil moisture, especially in Ukraine and in the South-East of Europe. The reduction in sowing areas of winter wheat in the United States, Europe and Ukraine will be partially offset by increases in Russia. Therefore, the fate of future crops will depend on spring weather conditions, especially rainfall.


In the major agrarian States of the USA crop condition of winter wheat improved slightly compared with January, although still worse than last year.


So, in Kansas (the producer of hard winter wheat No. 1) as of February 24, in good or excellent condition was 35% of crops, which is 1% higher compared to the 27 of January, but 16% lower than the level of last year on the same date.


In Oklahoma (manufacturer # 3) in good or excellent condition are 46% of crops, which is 10% higher than in January and 8% in the last year. In Colorado (manufacturer No. 4) of these 59% of crops, which is 6% higher than in January and by 9% in the last year.


And here in Montana (vendor No. 5) in good or excellent condition are 37% of crops, which is 34% lower than in January and 15% last year.


December and January were record warm for France and the countries of Northern, Central and Eastern Europe, however, in some EU countries there is a significant deficit of precipitation, particularly in the South of Italy, Western Poland, the Eastern Czech Republic, most parts of Germany, Romania, and Bulgaria. In winter, lack of precipitation does not harm the crops, however, significantly reduces the moisture reserves in the upper and deeper soil layers.


In Russia, 94% of winter crops are in good or satisfactory condition, which greatly exceeds long-term average. The sowing area of winter crops under harvest 2020 has increased in comparison with the 2018 3.3% to a record 18.2 million hectares and the grain harvest may reach 125,3 million tons compared with that of 120.7 million tons in 2019


Ministry of Economics of Ukraine forecasts grain crop in Ukraine in 2020 on the level of 65-70 million tons compared to 75 million tonnes in 2019 Owing to difficult weather conditions during the autumn sowing campaign, in particular soil moisture deficit, the sowing area of winter crops has decreased significantly. Warm winter contributed to the development of plants and improve the General condition of the crops, but the lack of rainfall has worsened the level of moisture, which in the case of a dry spring will further reduce the yield.


Winter grains under harvest 2020, Ukraine sowed 7.6 million tons that corresponds to level of last year, but some areas were sown very late. Winter wheat sown 6.4 million hectares, which is 0.6% lower than the level of last year. Conditions for wintering of winter crops in southern and Central regions remain malopriyatnye using ultra-high temperatures due to low soil moisture reserves.


due to unusually high temperatures in Belarus, stocks of productive moisture in the soil also significantly lower than average long-term level, although the amount of precipitation in winter, consistent standards, and in some regions exceeded them by 10-30%.

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