USA and Finland to increase the production and consumption of biofuels

2016-11-25 12:11:37
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USA and Finland to increase the production and consumption of biofuels

While European MPs are in favor of reducing the liquid content of first-generation biofuels (made from food selhozarteli) in the total amount of recovery fuel over the next ten years with 7% and to 3.8% in the U.S. are increasing production of bioethanol.


In 2017, the U.S. government established the mandate for the production 19,28 billion gallons of renewable fuel, which may exceed the office for environmental protection EPA, which included the production of 18.8 billion gallons. Mandate to 2016% to 18.11 billion gallons.


next year, energy companies will have to blend with gasoline 15 billion gallons of first-generation biofuels produced from food crops, and 4.28 billion gallons of second generation biofuels produced from non-food renewable raw materials.


the Government of Finland, on 24 November announced plans to increase by 2030 the share of biofuels in transport fuel to 30%, which will significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


the Government confirmed its intention to halve domestic consumption of imported oil and the prohibition to produce electricity from coal. Till 2030 it is planned to 10% to increase the share of electric cars.


the Use of crops for biofuel production has allowed to increase the price of canola, corn and sugar.


the Development of energy, alternative sources and the shift towards the use of electric transport will reduce the demand for the products of the biofuel industry, which will lead to falling prices for major crops.