Russia increased the sowing area of winter wheat to a record harvest

2018-11-14 12:41:47
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Russia increased the sowing area of winter wheat to a record harvest

Due to the growth of world prices for Russian wheat increased acreage under winter wheat to 17,551 million ha, which is 2.1% higher than planned and 5.3% than last year.


In comparison with last year the total cleaning area of spring and winter wheat in the country as a result of drought has decreased from 27.3 to 26.3 million hectares and wheat production, from 87.8 to 73.3 million tons.


the Increase in wheat crop contributes to sustainable growth in the production of spring wheat, especially in the Eastern regions.


the winter crops mainly satisfactory and good, while in the southern and North Caucasus FD had almost no rain. In a separate southern regions, the moisture deficit did not contribute to sprouting and initial growth of plants. Depending on sowing time plants are in the phase of sprouting, the formation of leaves and tillering. The amount of heat sufficient, although in the Northern regions was below the norm.


the Snow that fell in late October on the North of the European part of Russia, in the first week of November melted. In the afternoon the air temperature increased up to 7...10 degrees, which contributed to slow plant growth of winter crops. At night, the temperature dropped to -4 ... -1 degrees, sometimes up to -6...-8. The amount of precipitation in the first decade amounted to 5-15 mm in the North places 20 mm and more.


the Vegetation ended at the end of October, and on most squares in the first decade of November were not recovered. Agro-meteorological conditions contributed to the completion of the first phase of hardening of plants.


Perm Krai and Eastern districts of the Republic of Bashkortostan for the entire decade of winter crops were covered with 2-7 cm layer of snow.

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