Russia and Turkey have agreed to withdraw the trade restrictions

2017-05-04 14:21:34
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Russia and Turkey have agreed to withdraw the trade restrictions

following the negotiations the presidents of Turkey and Russia reached an agreement on lifting mutual trade restrictions between the two countries.


Adopted the integrated solution provides for the abolition of all restrictions associated with various industries. Russia removes restrictions on labor force, agricultural production, however, leaves in place restrictions on the import of tomatoes from Turkey.


In turn, Turkey cancels import duties on agricultural products, in particular, Russian wheat and sunflower oil. Will continue working on the project "Turkish stream" nuclear power plant "Akkuyu".


During the meeting the presidents discussed economic, trade and other issues, and after a few days you can see the consequences of the negotiations.


Members of the Russian grain Association believes that the removal of restrictions on the import of Russian grain will have a positive impact on the market, although at the moment most of the supplies already made. At the time of the introduction of Turkey's import tariffs, Russia had to export to countries more than 2 million tons of wheat. Now we will focus on the conditions and terms of delivery in the Turkey wheat of the new harvest.


Turkey is the second after Egypt, the main buyer of Russian wheat. With the beginning of the season Egypt imported 5.3 million of Russian grain, including 5.2 million tons of wheat. Turkey during this period has acquired 4.9 million tons of grain, the share of wheat which was 2.3 million tons.