Selling government bonds significantly strengthened the hryvnia

2019-02-05 12:05:46
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Selling government bonds significantly strengthened the hryvnia

the exchange Rate of hryvnia on the interbank market since the beginning of January has strengthened by 2.2% and reached the level of UAH 27,38/$, that was a surprise to market participants.


the Increase in export earnings due to the active agricultural exports and reduction of imports in January were the main factors of strengthening of the hryvnia.


Additional factor in the growth of the hryvnia became active sale of foreign currency by non-residents that are rapidly buying up the Treasury auctions bonds internal state loan (government bonds).


In an interview to UNIAN Deputy Minister of Finance. Skuratov said that in January 2019, the Treasury borrowed a record 42 billion, although this is usually not too active month.


"non-Residents are actively buying the debt securities of Ukraine, and at the last auctions purchased government bonds at 100-150 million dollars. This reduces rates and a positive effect on the market. However, the Ministry of Finance and the NBU in control of the situation and ready to react to sudden market exit of non-residents", - he reported.


the Yield posted in January short-term government bonds in local currency amounted to 19.5% per annum.


Recall that the Ministry of Finance approved the Program of management of public debt in 2019, which provides for application for financing the budget of a wide range of debt instruments in the total amount 345,9 billion.


it is Expected that the share of medium-term instruments in the amount of 45.4%, the long – 42,2%, the short-term is 12.4%.