Dry weather will reduce yield of crops

2018-06-19 12:27:32
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Dry weather will reduce yield of crops

Through adverse weather conditions the MARS Agency reduced the forecast yield of soft wheat in EU in may of 6.19 t/ha to 6.04 t/ha, second togoron 6.11 t/ha, but 1.2% higher than the average 5-year average.


the Increase in the yield of spring barley did not compensate for the reduction in the yield of winter barley. Compared to the may report evaluation of the yield has reduced:

corn – from 7.64 to 7.35 t/ha,

rapeseed – from 3.19 to 3.05 t/ha.

  • for barley from 5.04 to 4.98 t/ha,


the Harvest in the black sea region countries and Baltic States will also be reduced due to dry weather conditions.


According to the Ukrainian hydrometeorological quarter of Ukraine covered the drought, especially in Zaporizhia, Kherson and Kharkiv region. Until the end of June, the meteorologists will provide an updated forecast of the grain yield.


In the Central and Volga districts of Russia in the first decade of June was dominated by cool weather, however, with sufficient rainfall. On the Average the Volga region there was almost no precipitation, while southern and North Caucasus districts was dominated by hot (25-30 degrees) weather. In the Krasnodar, Stavropol edges and the Rostov region when the upper soil layers prevented the emergence and development of the plant late crops.


In the Central and Eastern regions of Belarus places the rain passed, but the South and West there is a shortage of moisture. However, at the end of the week, the promise of rain that will be able to improve the situation.

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