Drought in Ukraine threatens corn crops

2017-08-15 12:14:09
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Drought in Ukraine threatens corn crops

In many regions of Ukraine remains hot weather with little rainfall, which increases the number of squares covered by soil drought. This adversely affects the development of late crop, however, persistent deterioration in their condition is not yet fixed.


Conducted by experts from the Institute of cereal crops NAAS examination showed that all plants of sowing time and different periods of maturity proceeds of generative development. High temperatures and lack of moisture leads to more rapid aging of grain corn hybrids. Plants switchology types are in the stage of wax or milk ripeness of grain.


the General condition of the maize crop in regions where the rain passed or sown after the good predecessors are now satisfactory. The condition of crops after a bad predecessors or in regions with a moisture deficit is approaching unsatisfactory.


in the next week meteorologists predict hot weather without precipitation that adversely affect the yield formation of maize.


On the Chicago exchange, the price of corn for December delivery fell yesterday by 0.7% to 347 $/t continuing to fall after the optimistic forecast of production in the US, where grain crops also suffered from excessive temperatures and lack of rain.


In Ukraine, the price of corn of the old crop remains at 156-157 $/t or 4700-4800 UAH/ton, while the price of grain from the new harvest fell to 147-148 $/t delivery port in October.

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