Drought in Ukraine harms the crops of rape and may lower the yield of maize

2016-09-14 13:21:16
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Drought in Ukraine harms the crops of rape and may lower the yield of maize

during the first decade of September in Ukraine there are the high temperatures and lack of rainfall that causes the spread and intensification of drought and leads to critical conditions for the accumulation of moisture in the soil. About this in his agrometeological reports Ukrgidrometeotsentr.


the Upper soil layers in most of the areas intended for sowing of winter crops harvest of 2017, was dry or poorly hydrated. In many regions, the drought has reached the level of agro-meteorological natural phenomena, and completely dry there is not only the top 10 cm of soil, but for 20 cm


Now it was sown with rape 601 thousand ha. overall it was planned that winter rapeseed for harvest in 2017 will be getting 10% more than last year, that is 724 hectares. However, due to the lack of moisture is not yet possible to sow, and on some crops there are no stairs, which can lead to loss of crops if precipitation does not take place in the near future.


there has been a sharp drying of corn, which on the one hand reduces the cost of drying, and on the other – can lead to a decrease in yield.


Meteorologists report that rainfall can be expected at the end of the second decade of September. Therefore, considering the available soil drought in most regions of Ukraine began an active planting season may be delayed until the end of September – mid-October. Under existing conditions, the sowing of winter crops will be justified after rainfall in the amount of 15-20 mm.