Winter crops in Ukraine and Russia are in a very good condition

2019-02-13 12:07:32
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Winter crops in Ukraine and Russia are in a very good condition

Agrometeorological conditions in the Ukraine contributed to the winter crops, which are now in the phase of winter dormancy in good condition.


In the third week of January was dominated by unusually warm weather with precipitation in the form of snow, and in the last days of rains that caused the thaw throughout the country.


frost, which could damage the plant, it was not. During severe frosts the crops were covered with a thick layer of snow. The depth of the tillering node of winter plants on cold nights the temperature fell below -3C and the depth of soil freezing was 2-18.


Experts warn that the warming in the next decade may lead to partial waterlogging of plants in low areas of the terrain.


According to the Ministry of agriculture in Russia winter crops for the harvest-2019 planted 17.7 million hectares as against 17.1 million hectares a year earlier. Almost 91.5 per cent of crops are in good or satisfactory condition, and there is active preparation for planting spring crops.


In comparison with last year, the total area under crops will increase by 1.2 million hectares to 80.5 mln ha, including spring wheat – 177 thousand hectares to 12.2 million hectares will Increase the acreage of soybean, rapeseed, sugar beet, potatoes and other vegetables, forage crops.


In the Stavropol region have already planted 7 thousand hectares, as weather conditions allowed an early start North.


last year, planting began in late February and as of March 1 was sown only 1.4 thousand hectares, the harvest in the South have also started 1-2 weeks earlier than usual due to the warm spring and dry early summer. Maybe this year the harvest in the South will also begin earlier, at the end of June.