Corn crops in Ukraine are in a satisfactory condition

2017-07-25 12:02:26
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Corn crops in Ukraine are in a satisfactory condition

the Lack of precipitation and temperature extremes in the second decade of July, though, and contributed to the harvest of early grain crops, however, adversely affected the yield formation of spring crops, in particular maize. Its root system is located in napowrimo layer of soil, which today lacks moisture.


the state of the corn crops is estimated as satisfactory. The decrease in daily air temperature to 23-25 degrees and the night to 9-12 degrees adversely affect the processes of growth and development of plants that love the heat. Delay of phenological phases of development reaches 6-7 days. Early maturing hybrids are in the initial phase of flowering, the mid – phase of the emission of panicle.


depending on the cultivation technology of plant height is in the range 116-275 see the plant Density is 76-79 thousand pieces per ha., a Significant loss of plants during the vegetation period was observed. Dry matter content in listoftables the weight of the plants is 13-1% when the output of the vegetative mass for 69.1 t/ha on the best crops with intensive cultivation technology. Precipitation provoked a slight germination of weeds grounds 3-10 PCs/m2, which did not significantly affect the growth and development of sprouts of corn.


survey of winter cereal crops showed that most of the plants are in good or satisfactory condition on the final phase of ripening grain.


According to the NSC "Institute of agriculture NAAN", the early crops (triticale, wheat and oats) are in the initial phase of full ripeness, and spring barley in the phase of full ripeness.


Plants of buckwheat in a phase of formation and maturation of seeds.

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