Despite the poor weather forecast the yield of grain in the EU increased

2018-04-23 12:35:45
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Despite the poor weather forecast the yield of grain in the EU increased

the experts of the European Bureau estimates yields (MARS) report that adverse weather conditions in many regions of the EU has led to delayed sowing of early and late spring crops.


However, in most cases, farmers still have time to complete sowing without significant losses in gross collection. After a severe frost that prevailed in late February and early March in the Central and Eastern Europe, the last decade of March the regions covered cold cyclone temperature to -8 degrees. This weather is not significantly damaged winter crops, although not contributed to their development.


a Large amount of precipitation in the West and in the centre of Italy, France, UK, most of the Balkan countries led to a delay in the sowing campaign. In other European countries delayed sowing was due to a long period of low temperatures in the face of excessive precipitation.


Experts MARS raised an average rating of wheat yields in the EU from 5.94 t/ha in the March forecast to 5.97 t/ha, which is 4.2% higher than the average five-year average.


assessment of the average yield of barley has increased to 5.03 t/ha, which is 2.5% higher than the average 5-year average.


estimation of the average yield of rapeseed increased to 3.33 t/ha against of 3.28 t/ha in the March forecast, which corresponds to the average five-year rate.