Improve prospects of a good harvest of soybeans in Argentina

2018-12-20 12:21:57
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Improve prospects of a good harvest of soybeans in Argentina

heavy rainfall in growing areas of soybean in Argentina contribute to the accumulation of moisture in the soil sufficient to provide high yields of beans. This can increase the gross harvest of soybeans and increase import demand from China, according to Reuters.


Powerful precipitation took place in the pampas of the province, in the South of the province of córdoba, Santa Fe and entre Rios, North of Buenos Aires. In some regions of Santa Fe, the precipitation was excessive, whereby farmers were forced to replant about soy. However, experts believe that it will not lead to crop losses.


According to estimates by the USDA, thanks to favorable weather conditions, soybean production in Argentina in 2018/19 MG can reach 55.5 million t compared to 37.8 million tonnes in the previous season, when the country suffered from drought.


Recall that, traditionally, the harvest of soybean in Argentina starts in March. It is expected that by the time the US and China will solve all the issues of mutual trade. If this does not happen – China may increase soybean imports from Argentina, which, according to experts of the Grain exchange Rosario, may reach a record 14 million tonnes.