Cold in Ukraine will not hurt the harvest of winter and spring crops

2017-04-24 12:10:09
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Cold in Ukraine will not hurt the harvest of winter and spring crops

a Decrease in air temperature and night frosts up to -5 degrees will not damage the future harvest of winter and spring crops, - the press service Minagropolitiki.


However, the perennial plants in the flowering phase or in the initial stage of fruit formation, were the most vulnerable. First of all, we are talking about the apricot, early varieties of cherries and peaches.


After the weather conditions improve, the experts will carefully examine crops and perennial plants that will allow you to determine the amount of anticipated losses.


most of the country experienced heavy rainfall, in some regions dropped up to 50 mm of snow. Due to this, the moisture reserves in the soil increased significantly, which will have a positive impact on the condition of the plants, especially in the southern and Eastern regions.


However, according to APK-inform, the powerful snow and deteriorating weather in the Dnipropetrovsk region can adversely affect maize and winter rape.


Meteorologists have warned that due to the cold snap and night frosts to 1-5 degrees of loss of crops fruit trees can reach 30%.


DNS Ukraine warns of worsening weather conditions caused by the Arctic cyclone, which will come to Ukraine from 18 to 22 April and will bring cold air and freezing night.