Weather conditions favor the development of crops of the new harvest

2018-12-04 12:40:36
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Weather conditions favor the development of crops of the new harvest

Favorable weather conditions in major producing countries has attracted the attention of traders this week.


Precipitation in Brazil will allow you to obtain a good soybean crop, but their excessive amount in the Central regions may lead to development of diseases of crops.


In the Central part of Argentina the weather will promote the planting of soybeans and corn. Slight frosts in southern Buenos Aires will not damage the crop.


On the southern Plains United States weather and sufficient moisture contribute to the development of winter wheat, however, the promise of lowering the temperature will slow the growing season.


In Ukraine due to the low rates of air temperature in November of the autumn vegetation of winter crops stopped 2 weeks earlier than the average for many years. However, despite the premature cessation of development of plants of winter wheat on the majority of areas have moved to winter quarters in good and satisfactory condition. The General condition of winter crops in late autumn growing season were better than last year.


temperatures down to -15 degrees is not damaged the crops, which are now in a deep state of winter dormancy and almost the entire country is covered with a layer of snow.


In the European part of Russia temperature in November was normal. Heavy sediments covered the crops of winter layer of snow with a height of 1-5 cm, 15-25 cm in some places the Vegetation stopped at the end of October and in November almost did not recover. In General, the agrometeorological conditions for the occurrence of plants in a state of hibernation was mostly satisfactory.


According to FranceAgrimer, France in good to excellent condition are 82% of winter wheat crops and 76% of crops of winter barley, while on this date last year in that state was 96% of crops of winter barley.


Favorable for developing crops weather will put pressure on the price of the future harvest, which will continue to decline as ripening crops.