Weather contributes to the world seed campaign

2018-05-17 12:06:00
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Weather contributes to the world seed campaign

the Cool beginning of spring in the Northern hemisphere has slightly delayed the beginning of the sowing that caused a rise in grain prices. However, may weather in major producing countries has improved, and concern for the fate of the future harvest fell.


Warm weather in the U.S. accelerated the pace of planting, and periodic precipitation increase the moisture reserves and contribute to sprouting.


In the Midwest, the pace of sowing has reached the annual average in the East – ahead of the norm in the West – are rapidly increasing.


the Recent rainfall improved the condition of crops in the Southern Plains are suffering from drought. As promised next week powerful rains will improve the situation.


In the Canadian prairies weather is favorable for planting, and at the end of the week predict a slight rain.


In Central Brazil, the long-awaited rains have lowered the temperature and improved the condition of corn second crop, the yield which will be lower than last year through drought conditions during planting.


Unusual April heat in Ukraine and Russia last week finally changed precipitation, which will allow you to obtain a good germination of spring crops and relieve stress for plants of winter.


Warm and dry weather in China contributes to the seeding, however, for the normal development of plants the necessary precipitation, as in April, their number was insufficient.


In Australia through drought conditions in the growing areas of wheat seed was sown in almost dry soil, but in the near future precipitation is not expected.