Weather and EU and South America contributes to the formation of a good harvest

2020-01-10 12:14:26
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Weather and EU and South America contributes to the formation of a good harvest

Traders are closely watching weather conditions, which could affect future yields and note that precipitation in South America contribute to the development of soybeans and corn, and the warm winter in the EU, Ukraine and Russia reduces the chance of damage to winter crops, though the lack of snow and lack of moisture create certain risks.


In the United States next week will be a powerful precipitation in parts of the Midwest could cause flooding and stop the river transportation of grain. In the East, Middle West will be snow.


On the Southern Plains of the United States, warm air and precipitation will contribute to the development of winter crops.


In the Northern Plains next week precipitation is not expected, although in places of possible snow and frost.


In Brazil, the powerful precipitation in the major States producing contribute to the development of soybeans and corn. To the state of Rio Grande do Sul, which was dominated by dry and hot weather in the next 5-7 days will come the rains and coolness.


In Argentina, warm weather with moderate rainfall, which improves the condition of plants of soybeans and corn.


In the black sea part of Ukraine and West of Russia there is unusually warm for this time of year the weather. Experts concerned about the lack of snow cover, but in the next 7-10 days, a significant cooling is not expected and precipitation will be negligible.


the Lack of a positive January frost POPs up on the winter crops, which are not included in the state of deep sleep and slowly developing. Ukrgidrometeotsentr, given the unusually warm weather in December and January, predicts an early and protracted spring, which will allow the plants early to emerge from winter dormancy, to avoid the high temperature and the spring drought. This increases the probability of a good harvest, especially that the crops did not get any of the usual early-winter phenomena, such as freezing or death under the ice.


In China in the areas of cultivation of winter wheat and oilseed rape have undergone precipitation in the form of rain and snow replenished soil moisture reserves and increased winter cover before winter.


In Europe, sufficient rainfall creates favourable for the formation of a good harvest conditions. In southern and West-Central regions where there is a shortage of rain in the coming days the rains.


Powerful rainstorms in South Africa will improve this week as corn and sugar cane.


In Pakistan and North-West of India passed a favourable rains in growing regions of winter wheat, but did not affect the growing areas of winter rape.


Now weather factors have almost no influence on the price trend of major crops. Next month, traders will be watching cold in Ukraine and Russia and rainfall in Argentina.

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