Enterprises Ostchem can stop due to the actions of Ukrzaliznytsia

2018-08-22 12:36:15
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Enterprises Ostchem can stop due to the actions of Ukrzaliznytsia

the Production of nitrogen fertilizers at the enterprises of Ostchem group (Cherkassy Azot, Rivne Azot " and Severodonetsk Azot) belongs to Dmitry Firtash, may be terminated because of the shortage of freight cars of Railways.


Crowded warehouses, where plants temporarily store produced products will force companies to reduce production capacity up to a full stop.


In an address to the Prime Minister. Groisman and the head of Ukrzaliznytsia. Kravtsov management calls in the near future to restore the supply of rolling stock, in order not to create risk of failure of the sowing campaign for Ukrainian agricultural producers.


According to Ostchem, 50% of manufactured products are transported in wagons of Ukrzaliznytsia. Every day companies of the group shipped approximately 10 thousand tons of products, for which each requires an average of 200 freight cars.


During August 17-21 from ordered 150 Cherkassy-Nitrogen only got 2 of the car, and Rovnoazot ordered from 75 to 15 cars.


Ostchem note that uz is violating Treaty obligations and does not attempt to correct the critical situation that has developed.


the Union of chemists of Ukraine, which 20 August addressed to the Prime Minister with a request to establish a working group to control the security of chemical plants rail cars, reports that the Plant was forced to keep 12 thousand tons of ammonium nitrate in an open area. The daily needs of the enterprises in the Union is estimated at 90 cars, in particular the Cherkasy Azot – 50 cars.