Road closures will require farmers to return the VAT refund on exports of oilseeds

2018-03-16 12:57:24
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Road closures will require farmers to return the VAT refund on exports of oilseeds

Domestic farmers threaten indefinite blocking highways all over the country, if the Parliament at the session of 20 March did not support the bill № 7403-2, who will return to rule on reimbursement of VAT at export of soybeans and canola.


on Monday the bill should be included in the agenda, and on Tuesday voted, - podomes Deputy Chairman of the Ukrainian agrarian Council (VAR) M. Sokolov, - otherwise farmers will continue to protest.


According to VAR, the abolition of the rules on reimbursement of VAT will significantly reduce the profitability of growing soybeans and canola, and losses of small and medium agricultural producers will exceed 6 billion UAH, which is forced to reduce the acreage under these crops by at least 30%.


According to Igor Miroshnichenko (Samopomich), the lack of compensation of the VAT will reduce purchase prices for soya and oilseed rape by 16.7%, which will reduce not only exports, but also the amount of processing.


Has 13 regional councils have signed an appeal to the Chairman of the Parliament in support of bill No. 7403-2 with the request as soon as possible to vote for the document.


Deputy Chairman of the Committee on questions of agrarian policy in BP E. Bakumenko said that the rule which abolished the VAT refund when exporting the oilseeds, was adopted without discussion and in violation of the rules, and the majority of deputies did not understand, for what voted.


Recall that the current legislation provides for the temporary cancellation of VAT reimbursement during export of soybean in the period 01.09.18-31.12.21 and rape in the period 01.01.2020-31.12.21.