An overview of weather conditions impacting the global harvest

2018-08-31 12:05:45
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An overview of weather conditions impacting the global harvest

Weather in the United States contributes to the ripening and filling of corn and soybeans. Little precipitation in the Central and southern Plains will help to replenish the moisture before planting winter wheat.


Powerful precipitation in the Western regions will have a positive impact on the sowing of cotton.


Hot weather in the Northern regions over the next decade will further worsen the condition of corn and soybeans, which have reduced crop forecasts.


Drought in the Canadian prairies reduces the potential harvest. In the next 5-7 days of dry weather with low precipitation to prevent the filling of canola. It is expected that today's report by Statistics Canada will reduce the forecast production of wheat, canola and soybeans.


In the South-East of Ukraine and southern Russia reigns hot and dry weather, which will reduce the yield of maize and sunflower. It will last another week, after that the soil moisture reserves before sowing of winter wheat significantly reduced, however, to accelerate the harvesting of sunflower and spring wheat in Russia.


Recent rainfall has eased dry phenomenon in the Central and Eastern regions of Australia, but they will not be able to improve the condition of crops of winter wheat. Additional weekend precipitation will replenish moisture reserves before sowing sorghum and cotton.


In the North of Europe in the next 10 days would be dominated by hot weather with rain, which will worsen the condition of corn.